그리스도 성경 학회

Michael Oh

Michael Oh Michael Oh is proud to have been born in South Philadelphia, the home of Rocky and the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies! When Michael was growing up his father's Italian secretaries told him, "Don't forget that you're half Italian because you were born in South Philly!" He has an older sister Tina who along with her husband Scott is preparing to eventually serve as a missionary in Asia. Michael loves ice hockey (which he played since he was three years old), Apple Computers (he's a "macevangelist"), and spending time with his five kids.

"Thanks for checking out our website! We ask for your prayers and partnership in this ministry as we seek to lift high the name of Jesus in this beautiful but dark land. It's our hope that at the end of our days and yours days that we all might be able to say with William Borden of Yale that we lived with 'no reserves, no retreats, and no regrets'!"

Pearl Oh

Pearl Oh Pearl Oh was born in Seoul, South Korea and was raised in the Philadelphia area. Pearl studied education at the University of Pennsylvania where she first met her husband Michael. Pearl and Michael are missionaries with Mission to the World. Her older brother also serves on the mission field in the 10/40 window. Pearl and Michael have four daughters and one son.

"I hope that after having learned more about CBI that you are encouraged to see how the Lord is working in Japan. God's mission is a global one and I would like to encourage you to pray about how you might be a part of His Great Commission. May He help us all to set our hearts and minds on things above and things eternal."

Craig Chapin

Craig Chapin Though he has lived in Rhode Island, Illinois, Florida, and of course Japan, Washington, D.C., has been Craig Chapin's home base since birth. As a junior higher, he made a personal commitment to Christ at a camp run by Fourth Presbyterian Church. Through Fourth's youth group, discipleship, and the InterVarsity chapter at Brown University, God nurtured and strengthened his faith. In later years, God continued to use Fourth, his studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and many people in Japan to deepen his faith and understanding.

It was also during his junior high days that Craig first had a sense of God's call on his life for missionary service. But for the next decade or so he never thought seriously about Japan. Since Japan was politically open and technologically sophisticated, he figured that surely the gospel had had an opportunity to do its work in that country. "Real" missionaries, he thought, opted for the jungles, deserts, and slums, not one of the wealthiest nations on earth.

Yumiko Chapin

Yumiko Chapin Yumiko Chapin was born in Tokyo and raised in a Buddhist home. She graduated from Kunitachi College of Music and has worked for several companies in Tokyo. In her twenties, she heard the gospel for the first time through a church-run English conversation school and soon put her trust in Jesus Christ. She married her husband, Craig, in 1999. She is now a missionary with Asian Access. Yumiko delights in domestic arts such as baking and cooking, needlepoint and sewing, interior decorating, and gardening. She loves playing the piano and choral singing. She is often called upon to help the CBI team with her skills in Japanese language and her understanding of Japanese culture.

"There are a lot of needs in Japan. If you think God might be leading you to my country for a short term or for a longer time, please consider it seriously. There are so many ways you could serve him here."

Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim Joseph's paternal grandfather came to know Christ through American Presbyterian missionaries and his family was given the name 'Hoshino' during Japan's occupation of Korea. His prayer is that through the work of CBI, many Japanese will be equipped to reach Japan.

"Some Christians believe that a dramatic event must occur for someone to be called to serve, yet Jesus reminded his disciples that the "harvest is plentiful but the workers are few". Every Christian has been called by God to ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into His field. What about you? "

Juliet Kim

Juliet Kim Juliet Kim came to know the Lord as a child through a ministry of Billy Graham's. While in high school she committed to give her life as a missionary in whatever way God would lead her. She went on to study engineering then work for 10+ years as an engineer and IT professional. She and her husband are now missionaries to Japan and have two children.

"God is using ordinary people like us as missionaries. Would you pray for us, and pray for how you can get involved in what the Lord is doing in Japan?"

Yasuyo Nakashima

Yasuyo Nakashima Yasuyo Nakashima has worked at CBI since 2006. She grew up in a Christian family in Nagoya and became a Christian when she was 19 years old. Her family has over 30 Christian members in 6 churches in Japan. She worked at 4 companies after graduating from junior college and before finally finding a job that she loves at CBI!

"My mother told me that she raised me from childhood to fit the purposes of God, but she was opposed to my working at CBI the first time I asked. A year later she read from Matthew 21:3 where it say, "The Lord needs them." The verse doesn't say "them" in the Japanese bible, so she felt like the Bible was saying to her "The Lord needs your daughter." And so she agreed to allow my to work at CBI! God is calling us to join His mission! So, please pray for this ministry in Japan and join us!"

Paul Hogan Kang

Paul Hogan Kang Paul Hogan Kang was born in America. Paul was in California until he was nine and spent the following six years in Korea. He returned to America for High School in Pennsylvania and College in Rochester, NY. Paul studied Film and Animation in college and upon graduating spent a year in Nagoya, Japan. Paul is planning to spend the next couple of years serving and studying at Christ Bible Seminary. Paul wishes to follow God's plan according to God's grace after graduation. God works in all places at all times.

"I believe that God could work his plan perfectly without our help if he wanted, but he gives us the privilege to participate freely and also with joy. The freedom and love God grants us is clear, but his commands are also clear. I pray that God will work in your heart that you will respond with joy and freedom in obeying the Holy Spirit. We can love and serve beyond imagination when we remember that we are loved and served beyond imagination through God and the cross."

John Jung

John Jung John Jung is currently an MBA student at Waseda Business School in Tokyo, Japan. Upon graduation, he plans to join the rest of the team in Nagoya. He was born in Korea, but he and his family moved to Saudi Arabia when John was 10 and then he went onto study in the US. Although John grew up in the church, it was through his high school teachers that he first came to truly realize the love of the Lord displayed through his Son, Jesus Christ. Since then, God has taken John on an amazing journey which he cherishes every moment of.

"It is always exciting to hear about what God is doing in all parts of this world. But what if you could be a part of the team instead of just a spectator? After all, isn't God calling all of his people to partake in his awesome works all around the world in one capacity or another? Saying 'Yes, Lord' to his calling was the beginning of an amazing series of events that has brought me to Japan, and I am so excited to see him unfold his plan for the people of Japan. To him be the glory and honor, forever!"

Yuzo Kurokawa

Yuzo Kurokawa Yuzo Kurokawa was born in Tokyo in 1936. As soon as he became a Christian at the age of 19, he received a calling to be an evangelist. He studied at Japan Theological Seminary, currently Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary. After he graduated from seminary in 1962, he became a teacher at Christ Presbyterian Church Japan, currently part of the Presbyterian Church in Japan. He has worked as a pastor in Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya and has also worked as a teacher and a translator in seminary. He has served as a presbytery chairman and a general assembly chairman in the Presbyterian Church and also as an administrator in the Japan Evangelical Association. In addition to his current pastoral ministry, he is a consultant, a teacher and a translator at Christ Bible Seminary.

"I have been a pastor for 46 years and have been serving in Aichi prefecture more than 36 years. I have been a pastor in this community for a long time and have experience in that area. I hope that I can be used as a vessel to help this seminary connect with the community."

Elisse Ota

Elisse Ota Elisse Ota is a Japanese American from Southern California and didn't get reconnected to her Japanese roots until recently when she studied abroad in Kyoto. Although she had grown up going to church, she'd never felt called to missions until the Lord opened her eyes to the spiritual needs in Japan and led her to CBI as an intern in 2011 after graduating from Middlebury College in Vermont. She enjoys playing basketball, tinkering around on the ukulele and piano, and seeking out beauty in the spectacular and the mundane through prose and poetry.

Rob and Tara Boyle

Rob and Tara Boyle Rob and Tara Boyle were both born in Kansas and came to the Lord at a young age. They met each other in high school and attended the University of Kansas (Go Jayhawks!). They got married after graduating in May of 2009. They both felt the call to bring the Gospel to Japan in 2008 while involved with a Navigators campus ministry. They recently left Dorothy and Toto and joined the CBI team in Nagoya. They have a heart for young people and are excited for the new opportunities with the Heart and Soul Cafe.They also enjoy watching baseball together, especially the Kansas City Royals, and hopefully now the Chunichi Dragons.

Keiko Takahashi

Keiko Takahashi Keiko Takahashi is originally from Japan but earned a degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky. She also spent a number of years working for Billy Graham's crusades and serving faithfully at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minnesota. She joined the CBI team in 2010 as a full-time staff member.

Brooks Cain

Brooks Cain Brooks Cain grew up in Greenwood, South Carolina. He earned a degree in Biblical Studies from Covenant College before attending Covenant Seminary where he earned an Master of Divinity. Riva grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. She attended James Madison University in Virginia and received a BS in Psychology. She also attended Covenant Seminary and received a Master in Counseling. After graduation in May, Brooks and Riva moved to Virginia and are currently raising support through Mission To the World to join the team here in Nagoya. The Cain's have 6+ years of youth ministry experience and are excited to assist the CBI team in reaching the youth of Japan for Christ.

Shohei Ueki

Shohei Ueki Shohei Ueki was born and raised in Saitama Prefecture, the suburban area of Tokyo. Shohei attended the University of Tsukuba and received bachelor degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education. After serving as a Physical Education teacher at Christian elementary school in Tokyo, God called Shohei and his family to pursue a seminary education at Christ Bible Seminary, receiving a Master of Divinity degree in 2011. Shohei now serves full-time with Christ Bible Institute and All Nations Fellowship. Shohei has been blessed with his beautiful wife Sawako whom he met in college and together they have 4 children: 3 boys and 1 girl. Shohei and Sawako were both raised in Christian families, which is very rare in Japan but is nothing but the grace and mercy of God.

Kenny Yeh

Kenny Yeh Kenny Yeh was born and raised in Hong Kong. At age 12 he went to boarding school in England, then college in the USA where he got saved at age 20. Kenny's first contact with CBI came in June 2009 and God subsequently led him to join the team one year later in 2010. Kenny has a heart for youth and marketplace ministry, and loves serving on the ANF worship team. Now with the new CBI building, many more exciting opportunities such as the Heart and Soul Café and ANF downtown are on the horizon. Kenny is thrilled to see what God does with CBI in the next years.

KJ Park

KJ Park In Nagoya, Japan 4 years before KJ Park was born, KJ's mother met Miss Soonho Kim, the first single woman Korean Presbyterian missionary to China while on furlough. As KJ's mother said goodbye to Miss Kim on the platform of Nagoya Station, she prayed, "Lord, if you give me a daughter, I will raise her up as a missionary for you." KJ was later born in Nagoya and baptized as an infant by Rev. Toida Toyoharu, Pastor of Kinjo Kyoukai. At age 6, KJ and her family moved to Korea where the Lord used Romans 12:1 to call her during her childhood. Now more than 70 years later, God has led KJ back to Nagoya as a 2 year missionary serving with the CBI team.

Paige Tsai

Paige Paige was born in Taiwan and moved to the States when she was 11, there she became a believer and follower of Christ. After graduated from University of Illinois, she worked as a biology researcher before coming to Japan. Right now, she is one of the missionary interns at CBI. Things she enjoys: music, movies, and food. If you like food, you are one step closer of becoming good friends with her.